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The success of online platforms such as Kevin Eastman Basketball magazine is purely down to our ability to engage our audiences through very informative and well written content as well as plenty of open lines of feedback that allow interactivity on the platform. In saying so, this is a platform that not only relies on content from our exceptional team of writers, but also content from external writers.

We always welcome our readers to share their own thoughts and opinions on various topical issues of discussion and we are always happy to have such content published with all the credit going to the respective writer. As long as your piece is original, well written, relevant and informative, we are always more than happy to share it with the rest of our audiences.

If you wish to get published on Kevin Eastman Basketball magazine you can express your interest to join our team of external writers by filling in your details in the form on our Get in Touch page and our editorial team will give you further guidance.